lunes, 29 de agosto de 2016

One wasted year

Pronto me voy a trabajar en cruceros y voy a tener que hablar en inglés 24/7 así que voy a escribir en inglés para ir practicando.
So, as the title indicates, I'm going to talk about my shitty 2016. In a way it doesn't feel really shitty, because last year was worst. It was "productive", cause I worked and studied, yet it felt so unhappy, so empty, so not like it should. Cause I believe that life should feel right every second of it. Ok, maybe not every second, but ending up a "productive" year feeling miserable, like your life is just plain boring and disconnected from passion, that's just no life to live.
This year started with high expectations, I wanted to find a better paid job, at the mall like my cool friends and do courses to expand my creativeness and my boundaries, wanted to study graphic design, something I've always been into, but due to my low performance tecnology (shitty computer with no inner memory or RAM memory or whatever memory whatsoever) I never actually thought about giving it a try. I don't know, I wanted to expand economicaly, in my skills, in my possibilities.
And I couldn't. Cause I didn't get the kind of job I was looking for. I went back to party like I was 18. Only I'm 25. Which was kind of weird because even though sometimes it may seem like time hasn't gone by, it has, and everyone dances differently, dresses differently, everyone's different. The few oldies that are still standing by are just sad. And I was running out of money, out of hope, out of willing to experience the day-by-day routine of doing absolutely nothing. So much joy.
I did got a job eventually once I put my expectations down to a call-center level (bummer) and I completely sucked at it. I had to transfer clients from Claro and Movistar to Personal. Absolutely impossible, everyone knows Personal is the worst. So, to make me feel even better I was a fucking zero at that fucking job, feeling embarrassed every day cause my boss was sooooooo hot and I was soooooo lame.

Still, this year doesn't feel like wasted. I mean, it kind of is, cause I've done nothing "productive". And it's almost september. Let's be honest, if we think of life as a gift to be appreciated day by day, this year would be fucking less than zero. And if we think I haven't even commited to school, man, is just disappointing.
BUT I got a job at a cruise retail company, which is why I dropped university and lef that shitty job and I'm waiting for them to tell me when and where do I leave. I told almost every one at this point, which is kind of nervwracking, because you know what they say "en boca cerrada no entran moscas" which means that if you shut it, you can do what you want to do in peace, without being questioned or spooked or fucked up. But it's coming. Any day know.
I just wanted to write about this really sexy kid (cause he's 18, he's a fucking kid) that I'm fucking but I guess I really needed to write this instead to calm my nerves down and to know that every little thing is gonna be alright. And to let you know my blog is about to get exciting! Wait until I tell you all of my adventures on board....

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