miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

just thinking..

so... blogspot is such a big web you know? i just wanna meet new cool people, but it seems they're hard to find! shoot, i thought every blogger person was going to be a cool person, i dont know why i had that stupid and nonsense idea.. but i mean i hate this people who picks a great name to his/her blog and then dont use it. cause i loved all those names like TALK HARD, or SO BE IT, or EAT ME BEAT ME LADY (you know from "pump up the volume" u kn? the movie..), or WORD VOMIT or other from the kind and theyre all already taken! im so mad at those pricks. anyway, nobody is reading me! so who cares what i say in here, who cares if i have english mistakes.. no one's ever gonna know it.

and i do whatever the fuck i want hell yeah.
end of the story.

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  1. hahah sí es mi hermana mayor. qué lindo italia, yo me voy el año que viene de viaje de egresados :D
    y tenés razón con lo que escribiste, los que hacen blogs con los mejores nombres y dejan de usarlo o nunca lo usaron, terrible jaja.


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