domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

será la locura que nos hace......

good moooooooooorning everybody! this is victoria saying JELOU! i just woke up and dont feel like doing shit cause im soo tired! i mean, friday night i didnt go out, but i woke up saturday morning like i had a thousand parties going on in my body in one night. crapy voice, chinese eyes and congested nose.. and today i just woke up tired... i mean.. last night i had fernet, wine, beer, cigarretes, i ran madly amuckly locally through the streets and did a 15 minutes 'almost-sex-in-a-bathroom' experience... but no, im just tired. who can understand my body? guess my body enjoys the party rather than staying home for a REAL sleep... sounds good to me! anyways, today i gotta go to this sorta concert of my 'flaco ale' ''''''FRIEND'''''' (i mean we do are friends in fact but when you fuck your friend is like, i dont know which kinda word would fit him, specially because he wasnt my friend and then i fucked him, but i fucked him and then we became friends... lets just say 'my guy' or something allright?) i gotta go to my guy's concert which is going to take place at 'el paseo de las artes' and well i just feel kinda tired that's all.. but is not that tired state of mind in which you wanna sleep, no, i wanna do something or else im gonna become a computer monkey i mean i just cant spend any more time over here! is amazing how much time and energy i spend over here.. really.. amazing. anyways! i found new fun videos you people! SO funny. she's called LITTLE LOCA i only reccomend you this if you understand english, if not is gonna be reeeaal hard to get a single word of her cause she speaks like.. english latino lets say.. well i leave you:
Got milk?: why does people always leave the empty carton of milk in the fridge?? you idiots..
Sammy's girl gone wild: i cant put any description of this video you'll have to see it by yourselves is just soooooooooooooo good! everytime i see it i laugh my soul off!

i'll be leaving now.. gotta wash the dishes and get the clothes off the rope ¬¬ see you people! enjoy the videos!!!!!!!!!! thnd viqi {primicia: Liam Skate is BACK!!!}

1 comentario:

  1. relajese y disfrute.
    Yo voy a morir de un pulmón, pero ya estaré mejor de tanto vapor ya no sé bien que hierbas utilizo.
    Uf yeah que te tengo que contar muchas cosas y creo que estás conectada, ok, me echaron del fucking laburo y etcéteras que ahora voy a bañarme y cuento vuelvo te cuento, beso pendeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    moá (L)


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