sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

Sometimes, when life is hard, you just don't seem to get the way out. You keep on looking for something better, but good times won't come until you really wish for them. If you don't have the life you'd want to have, is because you don't really want it.
It may sound stupid, but i love my job, even if i know is not that nice, is not that sane, is not that well-payed, is not that job to love. But i love it, cause i earned it and because i'm doing what i should be doing cause is what i chose. It's a call-center, yeah, but what the hell, i love it, i'm finally doing what i want and wanting what i do, for once!
And that mate of mine, that one that i said it looks like Scooby Doo,.. well it turns out to be that he's not that similar after all. And that means i might be a little ridiculus, but i love it, i love myself every second of my life.

Yeah, im a cheezy corney person so what you punks

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  1. and i happen to wrote that because i've just seen a movie of those that makes you wanna change the world for a few seconds. pathetic, i know.


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