jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

i came to accept the fact that i will never be forever monogamus. i mean, now i just don't feel that anyone else could give me what my love gives me. but what's gonna happen in 1 month? 5 months? a year? two days? when i see someone and suddenly forget about him. just in a split of second i could forget everything by seeing those green eyes and that dali moustache. and even if i do, i know -deep down- that i'd never entirely stop thinking about my love. so i would never do anything that can hurt him or provoke any type of harm to he or me, cause if i hurt him i'll be sad myself. no, i would never betray his trust or risk his happiness and well-being, cause that also means betray my own trust in myself and risk my happiness and well-being. i'd never hurt him, god, i love him.

but what if... ?

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