miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010


we still with the 'dramas y problematicas juveniles insoportables' theme and today a really delicated issue that kinda worries me (just because i love this theme and sometimes i can't handle it as i usually do):
boys and girls.
so, yes, man don't say anything. tuesday night we were talking and i told you 'well, you know, it's ofter confusing for us, because guys don't say much...' and your response was 'actually, they don't say anything'. yes, they don't and then they complain about us getting crazy over their thoughts. how is that we can keep calm if we won't ever know what is going on in your mind. like, ever, is the eternal doubt! i can't stand it. i like the unreserve when it comes to a girl and a boy. i mean, it's just yes or no. i like you or i don't. either you wanna see me tonight or you don't. is it that hard? maybe we are a bit over the top as well, once they say 'we can do something this week' we already want them to say when, where, what they're gonna wear, what they like about us, why they 'chose' us, how we gonna meet and if we are gonna sleep together. i admit we can be a pain in the ass. but you like us that way, if we wouldn't be behind you all the time, would you even bother getting off your ass to call us? would you stop rubbing your 'friend' to come rub us? maybe yes, but we will never know cause you will never show (love the cardigans) and that's what make us crazy. if you were a bit more talkative to us we wouldn't be that freaking annoying and everyone would get along dno't you think? i guess it will always be a mistery to us, that little game you play.. luckly i've learned to keep up with you guys, mainly because i'm addicted to you and if i wouldn' have learned i'd be sexually death by now. i just wish you wouldn't be scared to say what you think of us. but since you don't i guess all there's left is to just play along with you.
let the fun begin!

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