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{Succesful job interview tips} By Mrs. Pimple (alias Victoria)

So, i came up with this cause i realized that i'm just SO GOOD. You know? Damn, 'course you know. Anyway, so i was having a shower and i was sorta practicing for an interview i'm gonna have and i thought: 'Oh my, i should totally post this tips that i have in my mind -and that i'm using in this practice- on my blog! right? Cause i'd be so useful for someone who would be desperate and would google that phrase! (the one that's on the title)'. So, here i am. Listen carefully my friends, cause here comes THE secret of every succesful job interview.
OK, first things first: your name, your age, if you're single/married(kids\no kids)/wido, and a little something about you for example what do you do with your time or what would you like to do with your time (in case you're a dumbass lazy bitch like me). Then, wait for the questions. These are the top five questions they might ask and what you should kinda answer:

a) Why do you want this job?
You gotta say first of all that you really NEED THE JOB, do that they think that you're poor and that you're not gonna leave when you hit the first obstacule and that you're gonna be really worried about doing it right cause if you don't get that job you're not gonna eat or something (ok, you don't have to exagerate that much either). Second place, say that you WANT TO WORK cause you LIKE TO WORK and also add something like: the working hours really fit my own schedule/ i don't study so i feel useless in my house all day long (that's what i say) wasting energy i could use to work/ i like how much you're offering for the hour package you demand/ etc.

b) Why do you think you'd be useful for this job?
Make clear again how bad you want that job and say that because of that you'll put all of you to make the best you can and that you're going to get better on time cause you're a really FAST LERNER (that is suuuch a good tip, say the fast lerner thing please i suare it'll get you the job inmediatly). Also say that it really FITS you because you're really into that job's category ('i'm really into computers/business/being exploded/whatever you can think of).

c) How much do you expect to gain?
You gotta previously know more or less how much is the normal pay for the position you're requesting. If the normal pay is $1200 say: 'I THINK my work is COSTED $1000'. They're gonna see you as a humble person (cause they know that you know how much they pay, so if even knowing how much they pay, you ask for less, that says that you're not pretentious) and a hard worker (cause you know that you're worthed what they pay you when you speak like that).
d) What can you tell me about your previous job experiences?
ELEGANTLY DESCRIBE your other jobs and say that you've LEARNED A LOT and why you did. Say that you had all types of experiences even if you didn't had much jobs, because YOU TAKE REALLY SERIOUS the working and you like to learn all that there is to be learned when you get accepted for a new job. If you don't have any experience say it modestly and say that because of that you're really LOOKING FORWARD to work and that you can start whenever they ask you to (unless you can't hehe).

e) Why did you left those jobs?
Say that you're growing and that you always want to LEARN MORE AND ADVACE to be a better worker and to have MORE TO OFFER each time. If you still keep in touch with your previous employers or you left those jobs in good terms, then GIVE THE INTERVIEWER THEIR NUMBER so that she can ask for refference. If not, don't even think of doing it!

If they ask you anything else, improvise above this main advices and talk a lot but always between the limits of the question you're being asked. Don't fool around or talk nonsenses. Be clear and concrete. You don't need to use very formal outfit (well, that also depends on what position you're requesting), in general it's enough with: Formal dark pant, Simple but elegant shoes (girls: could be ballerinas!), Neutral color shirt and Trendy colorful yet discrete accesory. Be sure: don't say 'hummmm', 'ehhh', 'aahhhh..', 'ammm...' if you need a few seconds to think what you want to say, smile while you're thinking but dont take to long either, remember it's got to be a simple answer, depending on how long you want to make it. Be histrionic and easy going, don't be shy, remember why you want that work and focus on that, that shall make you feel lighter. Good luck! vicky.

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