lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

So long expected...

I knew it and the day has arrived. The thought has finally taken over my mind.

I'm feeling strange. It's not the same old thing, I know at some point it's different. I'm trying to get it right but it's complicated.. i guess... is it? I don't know for sure what is holding me back, maybe it's there, maybe it's easy but for some reason i just can't reach it.

What is it? What exactly is this? It feels just uncomfortable every time it passes me by, but then it comes back and I stay. That's when i start feeling strange, weird, like everytime i hear that voice singing the melody of my mind, playing the chords of my steps following it, following that uprising sound. I melt in that simple unsaid glance, it's strange and weird because i like to feel that music coming back to my ears and i don't like when it goes away, when it's off, i don't ever want to let it leave.

I'm trying to get it right, I don't wanna waste it, but it's really becoming hard cause it grows stronger every day, that music is taking control of me and I don't wanna arrive to that moment when all I desire is to make it mine.

I only wish I could feel it touching my body, smelling my skin, sincerely tasting each other's nudity. How I wish it. Will I ever achieve it? Seems so far from my possibilities but at the same time so close to me. And not only close, but also desiring it as much as I do, feeling strange and confused, being the voice who only sings to me.

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