sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

jardín de alegría, joy of love
(don't you know it doesn't has to be so hard?)
(ph: 'sos mi jardín' gotadeluzz)
every day that goes by i keep on thinking of this simple huge matter of life that consumes every part of my body, feels tight to my skin, held on my memories, deep in my soul and constantly on my mind.
such a big deal of such a naive soft sensation. it's love again, crushing into my life, deciding my fate and my destiny.
it's weird, I live love by myself. I see everyone loving and being loved. I see those cute couples, beautiful people feeling right doing it right taking all of them in. each one putting everything of themselves into that magic ritual of love. I see their soul speaking. they breathe happiness and share it.
and I remember when I was blessed with that joyful feeling. I remember my days full of love, giving and getting and understanding life in it's simplest manifestation. I miss those days. I just wanna love. of course, I had perfect love once and I'd be so glad to have it back. but in the mid time, I just wanna love. I need to love, need to give, to feel that frozen heat in every inch of my skin.

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