viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

The Happiest Day.

Sometimes I'm just lying on my bed, feeling soft, listening to music, thinking of you till my guts hurt inside and my mind screams. Maybe it could be different, but i wouldn't want it to be different, i like it the way it is, even when sometimes it turns unstanding and it makes me feel sad, I still prefer it this way, cause at least I know i'm fully alive and i'm feeling everything without trying to escape. I know time will make me stronger, time will give me the answers, time will bring you back.
But in the mean time I've got so many questions, so many thoughts unsolved. Today you told me more than what I expected to listen. You left me clear is not about her, it never was, it'll never be. That I thank of you, to still let me be the one. But even though everything is better when we're together and I do understand much more right now, I still can't help wondering.. Is it wrong for me to love you like I do? Is it wrong for you? Is it wrong for the both of us? Is it wrong? I just don't see how can it be wrong. In my world, love is about passion, is about joy, is about sufferin' a bit to know that you're still on track. In my world, love has to be crazy, it has to be a bit sick. I know, we were so much better when we didn't even think of it, we used not to think of love, and that's how it got involved in our lives. But i can't help it, things are different now, we've been through so much together and apart. And is just the reason for my living, this loving.
I'm aware now, love is not just a state of mind, is not just a feeling, is a lifestyle, i choose to live love. I choose to breathe love, to run love, to love it just to let me feel so high and so alive. I choose to BE love. And i know is a matter of time, i'll wait, cause i know one day you'll be love with me, you'll choose to live this love with me. You'll open up your eyes and see that's what you want to be, what you want to live. And you want it with me. I'll be there, i'll be waiting and you'll laugh and say 'you were right' and kiss me and we'll start that beautiful journey of love and life together as we will be. I'll wait, i'll be there for you. And that day you come back, that day you realize and be able to be aware of our love and of the life we got to live, that will be the happiest day.
(picture: 'los amantes' diego gravinese)

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