jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

The Acid House

Somehow i ended up with a lot of creeps at my house again tonight. There's this one guy i would have loved to fuck and i was willing to, i was doing the thing you know that flirting stuff i do.. but then this fucking freak girl he's dating (or not, they were discussin it -out loud- while we were watching the movie, he was saying he was free, available...) she just took him away! i was doing the bed fixing and she said she was gonna sleep in the same room as he, that means also in the same bed. i didn't say anything cause she's my friend's friend and i know she has some sorta mental issue going on with this guy and lately i'm really sensitive on this love (or no love) subject. i'm sure you understand why...
so, the hysterical couple, my dear friend, her sister and brother (friends too, we are all similar ages) and the guy with one white eye (shocking) drinking wine and watching that weird movie, the acid house. after all that's been going on in me and my enviroment and watching this crazy movie, i got to think that my life is the acid house. full of drugs, sex, odd situations and characters who save themselves (other characters end up like shit). that's my life, or the life that i've been living this days (this years actually).
{except for the freak friend of my friend who stole my night sex}

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