miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

i've got problems.

i've got problems. yes, who doesn't? lots of people doesn't. because some problems are normal and they don't really make your life a living hell. not that my problems are that awful. but sometimes i'm face to face to them and i just panic! like my sex adiction for instance. every single time i go out all i'm thinking is where i'm gonna get my night fuck. that's all i think about when there's no light in the sky and i'm out. it's just terrible! am i never gonna get over sex? it's been three years since i've lost my virginity and it's still a great issue for me, to fuck. huge issue in my life. it's like, if i don't fuck a whole week i get depressed or crazy or i don't know, i rather not try to figure it out. and so all i can do is try to reach for good fuckers. but there don't seem to be any. is it my wrong energy that's causing me so much trouble to find a good fuck? was it like this before i met ale? i don't remember. i do remember lots of shity fucks but lots of good ones too. now i can only think of two. gabriel and ale. and gabriel is not exactly great for me, in what regards to human forms of life. so i don't know, i've got problems. and i'll try to fix them. hopefully with lali here everything will get a bit more clear to me. ph juampi bonino

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